Thursday, January 31, 2013


"Mom! Mom, guess what!"

Ballet bag bouncing off her hip, she came flying into the night on a gust of cold wind. I bundled her into my arms. "What happened, sweetie?"

"I did my first passé stretch!"

"Oh, wow! Katherine, that's exciting!"

"I definitely did it. I mean, it's still a little crooked. It's new, you know? It's like a baby chick, just hatched. It's like, it's like -- well, it's like a wet handful. But I definitely did it! Right in the middle of class, I -- why are you laughing?"

"I'm just proud of you, sweetie," I said, pulling her closer. "I love the way you describe things. You make me so happy, sometimes I just have to laugh. Tell me all about it though. What happened right in the middle of class?"


  1. "well, it's like a wet handful" haha. perfect :)

  2. I call it 'smiling out loud' when I have to laugh at something they are saying to me.

    Congrats to the dancer!

  3. Dear Emily, your stories about your two daughters always bring a sense of comfort and contention and peace to me. They are such lovely children--so expressive and so eager for life--and you are such a loving and creative mother. Peace.

  4. Those are the kind of moments you'll be so glad you have in writing. It's great that you enjoy them as you live them - you'll most likely enjoy them over and over again, someday. Precious!

  5. omyyygosh,
    she is def. her mother's daughter! Fabulous. x

  6. A wet handful?! My but that is brilliant!

  7. So, in other words, everyone in your family is either a poet or a little tiny poet? I'm envious.