Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toddlerhood II: Progress

Even as I type this, Penelope is sitting in her high chair having a fit. She wanted the bowl of chopped-up kiwi, and she accepted the chunks of cheese; the spoon, she actually asked for. The only thing she didn't want was the chair, where she is now sitting in a rage because I wouldn't let her run around the house with her sticky snack. The moment I strapped her in, she scrunched up her face, pushed her bowl away, and started to scream. She snatched up her spoon, raised her arm and readied herself to throw, but then she paused. She hesitated. She was holding the spoon she'd just asked for, in a particularly tricky moment of communication for my not-quite two year old. She stopped. She thought. And she set the spoon back on the table.

Oops, no...there it goes...

Well anyway, I'm claiming this moment as progress! 


  1. Progress indeed. The consideration of self-control is a good first step. :)